Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

We can transform your objectives into compelling content. Ideas into engaging and functional experiences.

Our solutions bring together different levels of content activity. We believe the strongest frameworks are those built to be flexible, our strategists will help you customize or extend your content program with a mix of components and/or these add-ons:
Search engine marketing

Social marketing plans

Blog development

Infographic creation

Video / Podcast series / Streaming


Website development or redesign

Native advertising and content partnerships

Online newsroom/media and owned content hubs

Inbound marketing programs

Educational Marketing

Events / Seminars / webinars / e-papers

Private content development training/seminars for your team


ByTheWater Media specializes in content that generates more revenue and extends brands. Our 3 steps program: |•ACTIVATE •REACH •ENGAGE| makes it easy to develop your own media, tools and strategies that will make your brand or business just as engaging as social networks.

• Consulting Services
• Marketing Solutions
• Annual, Semi-annual and Monthly Programs
• Special Projects

ARE YOU READY? Our packages are designed for the small business that is seriously looking to reach their local market & community using the tools that social media strategies offer. We can help you find new ways to interact and engage with potential customers, build a loyal audience and convert those contacts into $$$.