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BytheWater Media is an independent content creation team focused on US Hispanics, LATAM and emerging multicultural markets, both mobile and online.

We provide a collaboration platform for content creation, distribution, and social evolution through quality content, education, mindfulness and technology.

ByTheWater Media operates in Miami with a global vision and is in connection with content partners in other cities and countries.

We look forward to improve people’s lives by bringing them together across information, quality content, and the influx of technology and cultural cross pollination. We provide businesses with great ideas and implementation.

Our work provides economic solutions to businesses and partners breaking economic barriers that deter creators and entrepreneurs from achieving production, promotion and distribution of quality content by aligning ideas, teams, equipment, sponsors, investors and distribution channels.


Edgardo Ochoa

CEO / Co-Founder Edgardo Ochoa has over 20 years of bi-coastal advertising and marketing business experience in the US Hispanic market, with special love for music, film, sports and media production. He is also an actor, director, producer and TV Host.

Alicia Monsalve
Editor & Content Director

Alicia Monsalve is a mediapreneur based in Miami. A journalist, writer, filmmaker, editor and media publisher with interests in unconventional artists, Literature, History, music, movies, social issues and diversity. Content Marketing Director at BytheWater Media. Editor-in-chief at,,

Carmen Martín Robledo
Directora Asociada de Educación Digital

Periodista especializada en Comunicación Digital. Formadora y Asesora 2.0. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España. Formadora en diversas academias y universidades, colabora como gestora y asesora de Comunicación Digital y es Community Manager de la Universidad Europea de Canarias. Fundadora de Iniciador Tenerife y TedxLasPalmas. Editora Jefe de LaMujerMó


Antonio Romero
Associate Music Director - Sound Design and Foley

Music composer and session guitarist. Sound Design, ADR, Dubbing recordist and mixing for advertising projects and agencies like J.Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, and McCann Erickson. Specialties:  Sound Design and Foley, Voice Over/Dubbing/Lip-Sync/ADR, Original Music Composition, Music Recording, Mixing & Producing, Audio Editing. Executive Director at Impromptu Media.